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A Six-Month Team Leadership Development Program to
Take the Mystery Out of Leading Your People according to their Personality, Purpose & successPlan

so you win more, stress less & communicate to consistently high performance for everyone on your team!

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You're Too Talented to Not Be a Raging Success

Without a clear, actionable plan to consistently draw out the best in your people, it's going to cost you...

  • You'll keep choosing between success & health

  • You'll throw away money on hiring and firing & training and recruiting

  • You'll keep guessing at who's right & how to get the best from them

  • You'll be more stressed and anxious

  • You'll invest too much in the wrong opportunities & miss the right ones

  • You'll leave your success, health & fulfillment up to fate instead of taking control yourself

Get the Best Out of Every Person on Your Team

with a blueprint to consistently lead them according to their unique personality, their purpose & their game plan for personal success.

With crystal clarity around the WHO, the WHY & the WHAT of each person you work with, you'll have a roadmap to communicate, resource & hold accountable each individual for their greatest success as an individual and a member of your team! 


Who are you at your best? How do you leverage your personality to maximize your talent, mitigate your blindspots & equip your people to consistently get the best out of you?

Our award-winning InsideOut Leader On-Demand video course guides every individual on a one-of-a-kind journey to define, articulate and grow in healthy expression of your own unique personality according to four specific facets.

Upon completing InsideOut Leader, each individual will get a customized video education about the four unique facets of their personality and how to leverage the best of their personality from health for increased effectiveness. Upon completion, each team member will hand you their customized blueprint, in their own words, to lead them according to the best of their personality!


Why do you exist and what purpose are you here to accomplish? You'll be led step-by-step on a journey to define and articulate your personal purpose so you live a life of impact, intentionality and value!

With your purpose statement in hand, you and the people most critical to your success can build a life that aligns with who you're meant to be!

InsideOut Leader_Organizer 2022.jpg

Throughout InsideOut Leader, each individual will define and articulate their unique "why" so that the people around them can more readily support purpose, values & productivity for maximum impact in the workplace and in their world. Upon completion, each team member will hand you this blueprint to Personal Purpose!


Guarantee you win this next year! What are the key priorities to ensure you're on track to your Raging Success milestone?

You'll take your concrete purpose and personality and put them to action, building a concise, actionable plan so your people know exactly what matters to your raging success and how they can explicitly support you reaching that Raging Success in the next year of your life!

InsideOut Leader_MY WHAT.jpg

The culmination of InsideOut Leader is a clear framework guaranteeing that one year from right now you're on track to your vision of raging success. Your team members will be led to define and articulate the most important priorities to their success with specific time stamps, resources, accountability measures & key relationships so that you're holding them accountable to success and effectiveness in a way they not only support but define! The end result is crystal clarity about how to communicate to make sure you & your people win!

How It Works

6 months / 3 hours per month:

- 1 hour of custom-to-each-individual, on-demand video -

- 1 hour of personal assessment & reflection -

- 1 hour of team coaching -

to build a RAGING SUCCESS for you and your team with a crystal clear,
immediately actionable plan to greater profit, productivity & peace!

Organizations Building InsideOut Leaders

We support organizations across industry, geography, focus & size.
If you believe leadership is a gift and people are worth stewarding, you're right for us.

What does it take to be a raging success in every area of your life?


Most high achievers quickly realize that we've got to sacrifice our own health in one area of our lives in order to be successful in others. Career or home? Maximum impact or healthy boundaries? Relationships or output and earning? If you've found much success in life, you're probably all too familiar with these dichotomies.

But what if you could actually define, articulate and clarify who you are at your best, what principles in life would support that ragingly successful version of you and how you could put action to live out that raging success from right where you are today to the next big milestone in your life?


If you had a roadmap, grounded in your own greatest talents and motivation and communication priorities and leadership style, so you could actually build a ragingly successful life for you and the people who matter most to you, from the InsideOut?

The best of you for the best of the people who matter most to you.

From the InsideOut.

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